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ASFA SPOTTER Non-Contact Dispensing

Non-Contact Dispensing

Non-contacting high speed dispensing device for cell biology research and drug screening

Liquid dosing sheath optimized for non-contact high speed dispensing

Liquid dosing sheath optimized for
non-contact high speed dispensing

ASFA SPOTTER is a high-speed liquid handling system that enables precise and accurate dispensing of biosamples such as cells, drugs and viruses at high speed, and dispensing biosamples in a non-contact manner using On-the Fly mode.

Automated three-dimensional cell culture is possible by dispensing viscous samples, such as Alginate or Matrigel-based Extra Celluar Martix (SCM) containing cells at least 20nL.

Various formats of plates can be used such as 96, 384, 1536 Well plate and 330, 532 microchip

User friendly interface
Easy to use

Dispensing speed
On-the fly mode of dispensing mechanism to minimize cross contamination
Automated control of XYZ stage
Controllable dispensing volume from 20 – 4000nL

Quantitative dispensing

78 ±9 cells/chip @ Target 80 cells/chip (CV 12%)

(a) The average number of cells dispensed into each micropillar in the actual chip when 80 cells were dispensed into 40 nL alginate spots in six Cellvitro 532 chips, 78 ± 9 cells / chip (CV 12%) (b) ASFA Scanner After scanning the Cellvitro 532 chip using the Ez Analyzer, measure the number of cells on one micropillar using the Ez Analyzer (green: real live cells, red: analysis results). Number measurement result (3192 micropillars in 6 chips)

ASFA SPOTTER Non-Contact Dispensing System Specifications

Dispensing System Specifications

Nozzle Number Max. 6 channels
Dispensing Volume 20 ~ 4,000 nL
Aspiration volume 1 ~ 1,000 ㎕
(Minimum dispensing volume can be optimized)
Dispensing time Cellvitro 96 : 30 sec(with 1 channel)
Cellvitro 384 : 1 min(with 1 channel)
Cellvitro 532 : 1 min(with 2 channel)
XY axis specification Speed : 300 min/sec
Resolution : 1 ㎛
Repeatability : < ±10 ㎛
Voltage 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Basic function Sonification washing, Sample plate cooling, Air-gap
Cell dispensing reproducibility Target 80 cells/chip (CV 12%)


Visual inspection camera system for assessing plate positions Humidity control system