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3D-based HTS Drug screening Service

Confirmation of growth curve & drug sensitivity & protein expression through 3D cell culture using Cellvitro Pillar


1. Calcein AM viability testing

- Calcein AM is a cell-permeable dye that is used to measure cell viability in most eukaryotic cells. Calcein AM penetrates live cells and is converted to green fluorescent calcein, after acetoxymethyl ester hydrolysis by intracellular esterases. The results are obtained through images of Calcein AM stained cells are analyzed to determine cell reactivity after drug treatment.

- We provide IC50 of drugs and cell growth curve, through cell number, intensity and area analysis of stained image.

2. Specific protein antibody staining

- Using 3D cultured cells, it is possible to acquire images of specific protein expression through immunofluorescence. Immunofluorescence is a method of analyzing a specific protein that you want to see by attaching an antibody to a specific protein antigen determinant in immunocytochemistry.

Screening platforms

- 384 Well plate
- 96 Well plate
- 330, 532 Microchip based

Stable cell line development service

CRISPR CAS/9 technic is used to develop stable cell line (Knock-out & Knock in)

1. Stable cell line development

Bio-banking various types of GFP expressing cancer cell line
Gene knock-out and knock-in using CRISPR / Cas9

CRISPR(Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)CAS/9 :

A core technology for gene editing, gene editing is performed by cutting and removing DNA at a desired position by using single-guide RNA (sgRNA) that recognizes DNA of a specific gene in human or animal cells and Caso nuclease.